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It is a form of inspiration to paint with someone else whose style and method of operation are totally different from your own.  Laura Bowman, an acrylic artist, and I decided to go all out mixing our media, ideas, music, texture preferences and color choices.


Laura paints on canvas or paper, often does whimsical abstract subjects, loves a smooth surface, paints to rock and roll and is inspired by the bright colors of Spring.  I paint on paper, choose realistic subjects, love texture, paint to classical music and love the warm tones of Fall.


We decided to paint as if we were one artist, painting simultaneously.  We began with watercolors and progressed to acrylics on a canvas size we both found challenging:  48″ x 12″.  Every inch of this canvas is covered with brushstrokes from both of us.  It was a fun, inspirational and fabulously collaborative 3 days!

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